Community Engagement

Nothing is more powerful or sustainable than a group of individuals coming together for a common goal.

Community programming is becoming increasingly more popular as brands seek to stay, or become, relevant on a local level in an otherwise noisy, cluttered landscape.

What makes community based initiatives so attractive is that communities demonstrate the elements that a brand seeks to embody – meaning, values, loyalty and authenticity.

If built properly you’ll grow a dedicated pool of ambassadors evangelizing your brand on an organic and consistent basis.

  • People ARE Community

    What’s the foundation of every community? People!

    The first step in building a community is to identify and connect with a core group of like-minded, passionate people. Next…engage them around a shared purpose or goal.

    Recognizing and supporting what’s important to this core group will help lay the foundation on which you can build a sustainable and growing community. Communities are also made up of consumers. Having access to product users can provide valuable marketing insight into what’s important to them and what’s not.

  • Building Brand Loyalty

    When done properly, you can expect a substantial lift / equity rub from supporting a community; adding in the ability to amplify the results via social media, it can make for an impactful combination. However, building a community takes time and to remain authentic…it cannot be rushed.

    In an ideal situation, the community and its goals should be aligned with the brand and its goals, without the need to force an integration – this is when the relationship really blossoms. The good news is that experiential-driven communication generates 50-80% of word-of-mouth buying behavior, so invest in building a loyal community, and they’ll invest in you.

  • Supporting Community Engagement

    NRG provides a complete range of complementary services in support of community activation, we believe in taking care of the details, so that you can get on with the business of building your brand.

    Our services include tactical and operational support with in-market staffing, training, product fulfillment, ongoing communications, community development and KPI measurement tracking.

    We provide exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.