Brand Installations

Fully bringing your brand to life by building real-world tangible brand expressions.

We bring a fresh perspective and we bring experience; ensuring your brand is in the exact right location at the intersections of pragmatic and creative, purposeful and inspirational.

Brand installations are one of our favorite challenges: designing, building, crafting, curating and programming a space to deliver one-of-a-kind memorable brand moments.

Brand installations come in all shapes and sizes. What remains key, is unlocking the true personality of your brand and using that to inform everything that we create.

  • Creating a Unique Brand Moment

    While an installation alone can be visually amazing; the impact of the space can be significantly amplified with the addition of unique and authentic programming. Allowing us to capture a moment and deliver an experience. NRG works with clients to design and deliver unique experiences that include talent appearances, limited product releases, artist collaborations, live music, VIP access and one-of-a-kind sporting events.

    Through creating and curating these memorable moments we are able to forge deeper, more meaningful, longer lasting connections between your brand and your audience.

  • Crafting The Details

    Your brand is unique and we treat it that way. Building exactly what’s needed and in exactly the right way. We craft every detail because we believe it’s the 1,000 little things that separate the memorable from the mediocre.

    NRG has an extensive network of design and fabrication partners that we work with to deliver the form and function needed. We’re able to seamlessly integrate the design, materials, content, technology and infrastructure needed for each installation. Understanding the purpose and duration of an install allows us to specify the right materials and processes for every occasion, because the only thing that’s important…is everything.

  • Supporting Brand Installations

    NRG provides a complete range of complementary services in support of brand installations. We believe in taking care of the details, so that you – our client – can get on with the business of building your brand.

    Our services include permitting, in-market staffing, training, product fulfillment, warehousing and logistics to make every project a success.

    Let’s build something cool…with your heart and soul and our hands.