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In 2017, Loiza, like so many of Puerto Rico’s cities and municipalities, was left devastated by Hurricane Maria. 2KFoundations partnered with Puerto Rican artist, Nino Alicea, to create a unique court design symbolizing the strength and resilience of the Puerto Rican people, while reinforcing the message… “This Puerto Rico Will Rise.”

  • We worked with local community organizers The basketball court in Loiza is a hub for community activity.

    We worked with local community organizers to restore the court. Members took great pride in helping to clear debris, power wash, paint structures and cut the grass.

  • Gavin SmithExecutive Producer
  • Jeana De ArakalProduction Lead
  • Nino AliceaArtist & Inspiration
  • Rosalba Medina OrtizCommunity Liaison & Rockstar